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No longer just meant for days when the rainclouds are out and the air’s a little chillier, the scarf has come into its own to become a seasonless and sophisticated accessory that’s unwaveringly multitasking and hardworking. Warm up with one on your movie date night in lieu of a cardi or jacket.  Wrap over your shoulders to give your formal eveningwear a more standout finish. Drape loosely around your neck for a touch of boho-chic. Pack it in your luggage on vacation to sweep over a flowy dress during breezy walks along the beach. Twist and tie into a headscarf, bandanna or sarong...the possibilities are endless! We’re particularly keen on how scarves have the ability to practically take our casual ensembles from total blah to understated cool in an instant. Style mavens like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston and Rihanna would just throw on a white t-shirt or tank top over jeans and finish off with scarves to jazz up their otherwise basic outfit. There are countless ways to skin this cat, but you can achieve a quick style fix by simply looping the scarf around your neck or folding it in half and tucking the free ends through the loop on the opposite side.

So take a chance and Try The Trend with our layerable and totally luxe raw Thai silk fringe scarves. They help re-invent and make the ideal punctuation point to your closet staples. Their like-new condition warrants them as ideal and chic gifts too ;) These sumptuous scarves may look like a splurge, but we’re offering them to you at amazing savings!

Raw Silk Fringed Scarves
Too chic to fail. Crafted from high quality raw Thai silk, these lightweight and lovely to the touch fringed scarves are a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe. The texture and gorgeous sheen will further glamorise and add that crucial je ne sais quoi to your dress-up or dress-down looks. Whether wrapped, knotted, twisted or draped, the generous length of the scarves allows more flexibility to style any which way your heart desires. In like-new condition. Available in Peach and Brown.

1. Raw Silk Fringed Scarf in Peach [AC42x]
78”L x 32.5”W. 100% Silk. Made in Thailand. Priced at RM15.

2. Raw Silk Fringed Scarf in Brown [AC43x]
 80.5”L x 32.5”W. 100% Silk. Made in Thailand. Priced at RM15.

Free delivery to anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia for purchases of RM50 or more.

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