Well, whaddya know....our favourite royal fashionista Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is also a thrifter! Grazia Daily recently reported that the elegant grey Jesire coatdress worn by the Duchess to her first solo official visit to the National Portrait Gallery recently (picture, below) was in fact an item she scored at a second-hand clothing store called The Stock Exchange near her parents' home in Bucklebury. Recall our December 2011 post where we presented our case for thrifting and responsible consumption. As massive proponents of recycling in general, we're just so smug right now we could burst. Great minds do think alike:)  

She's a closet (pun coincidental!) thrifter though; staff at The Stock Exchange told reporters that she didn't actually go into the store herself to purchase the dress, but sent in an assistant instead.  But that's really besides the point, isn't it? The Duchess may have a personal assistant buying the dress incognito, but Kate was clearly confident enough to attend a formal function and appear in the public eye in it.  A  future Queen of England looking every inch the lovely and elegant royal in a pre-owned dress, a high street label one to boot! Didn't cramp her style one bit. Who would've thought? We're all for it. More power to her!

How much more convincing does one need? If thrifting is good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge....... just sayin' ;)