"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." - Coco Chanel

and to that we say, Mais oui, Mlle. C!


In a world where everything seems to be mass-produced, it’s reassuring to know that one-of-a-kind evening bags made with the articulate hands of skilled artisans can still be found. The vibrant beads and delicate lace perfectly complement the colour of the fabric and the striking design of the pieces won't run away with the show (that we leave up to your fabulous ‘fit). Oh, and speaking of outfits, the endless possibilities of colours to match them with: all black, jewel tones, snowy white, spice hues, to name a few. What's more, it's big enough for you to carry your bare essentials.

So, let’s see...Versatile? Check. Timeless? Check. Wow factor? Double check. You’ll love it!

 Mathilde Bag [AC38X]

Adorned with lace with bead and sequin embellishments at the centre on both sides with concealed magnetic fastening. Thin double strand beaded handles. Internal slit pocket. It's convertible -  tuck in the handle  and carry this little lovely as a clutch. Makes a wonderful gift! Priced at RM45.

Suzie Bag [AC39X] SOLD

This charming bag, which has an oriental feel to it, is embroidered with seed beads and finished with pasted turquoise stones at centre of each side. The floral sprays are done in pinks, yellows and grey. Has a square brassy frame with a kiss-lock closure at top. Detachable beaded grey handle and comes with additional chain link strap. Can also be used as a clutch. Fully lined with internal slit pocket.

Scarlett Bag [AC40X]

The rich hue of this velvety evening bag will add instant pops of colour to your outfit. It has all-over beadwork and pasted turquoise stone at centre of both sides with an ornate kiss-lock closure at top. Detachable beaded grey handle and comes with additional chain link strap. Can also be used as a clutch. Priced at RM45.

Gigi Bag [AC41X]

The sleek shape, intricate sequined flowers, and orderly lines of shiny beading of this bag will lend your ensemble a dose of decadence. Has a pretty gilt frame with a kiss-lock closure at top. Thin beaded handles. Fully lined with internal slit pocket. Priced at RM45.

Free delivery to anywhere in Peninsula Malaysia for purchases of RM50 or more.

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p/s: btw, these bags have never been worn before and are in pristine condition :)

We knew we had a sartorial winner when we selected the Zara trf green military jacket for theprevious Yummy Mummies style spread. So just imagine our pleasant surprise when, on page 100 of the July edition of Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia (see insert below) the Army Green Jacket was featured as a “Must Buy” item!

We don't usually toot our own horns, but we will proudly admit that the article is indeed an endorsement of the TaiTaiTwins’  eye for style.  As the saying goes…great minds think alike!! So be sure to check in here often for more stylish picks and smart buys ;-)


"Clothes make the man. Naked people have no influence on society." - Mark Twain