The Tai Tai Twins closet is open for business and serving up all the stylish schwag at super prices!- Let the savings begin!

We just looooove Alexa’s quirky laid back look and boyish chic! She has a way of melding vintage and designer pieces to achieve her own unique fashion-forward style. We’ve assembled a few Chung-inspired pieces that will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe:

1.Byblos Jacket [AC5]
Zip front jacket with houndstooth pattern. EU size 42. 80% alpaca, 20% wool with polyester lining. Priced at RM120.

2.Versace sunglasses [AC6] SOLD
Feline shaped sunnies have been spotted on a bevy of celebutantes lately. The thick, sleek black frame is the perfect base for flashes of silver hardware and the covetable Versace ‘Medusa‘ logo is stamped on the outer arm of the glasses.

3.MNG Miniskirt [AC7] SOLD
Chung loves to show off her killer legs with miniskirts and this MNG skirt with just-so side slits is an ode to her impeccable style! UK size 8 (US 4).

4.Bally lace-up boots [AC8] SOLD
These black Bally boots will add a naughty but nice edge to sweet floral dresses and denim cut offs. Although the shoes have been re-soled and there are some signs of wear on the heels, the leather uppers are in very good condition and the insole is very clean. Size 36 ½.

5.Striped boat neck blouse. [AC9]
Another Chung-approved staple! 100% cotton. Slim fit. Size S and priced at RM20.

6.Zara beige top with lace details and drawstring hem. [AC10] SOLD
Dressed down with cute shorts and flats or dressed up with skinny jeans, heels and chunky bangles, this top is a wardrobe no-brainer. 100% cotton. US/EU size S.

7.Zara cropped pants [AC11] SOLD
A wardrobe staple must-have that never gets outdated and can go with just about everything else you might own. US size 6.

8.Classic Celine black leather loafers [AC12] SOLD
This pair positively screams Chung! Leather uppers are in good condition and the insole is very clean. A size 36 ½.

For item information or to purchase, please contact:

Free delivery to anywhere in Peninsula Malaysia for purchases of RM50 or more.


Only the genius of fashion wunderkind Marc Jacobs can juxtapose geek with chic, and manifest a rodent into a covetable and oh-so-cute fashion accessory!

Marc Jacobs Cotton Ruffle-Front Blouse [AC13] SOLD

Want to put a nerdy spin to your look and be so hip it hurts? Get your geek chic groove on in this Marc Jacobs cotton printed ruffle-front blouse. Now who wouldn't want to hang out with you? Size US6. 100% cotton.

Marc Jacobs Mouse Shoes [AC14]

The signature Marc Jacobs Mouse leather flats in teal. There’s nothing mousy about these iconic shoes, with their pointed toe, two keyholes and hint-of-a-whisker bow detailing. Go ahead, admit you’re smitten - and good luck finding anything cuter than this to slip your feet into.

Size IT36 1/2. 100% leather. Made in Italy. Gently worn. Good condition, with only a slight scuff on the toes. Comes in its original shoebox and dustbag. Priced at RM350 (pssst... and btw, a pair of the current season MJ Mouse shoes currently retails for RM1699. We kid you not!)

For item information or to purchase, please contact:

Free delivery to anywhere in Peninsula Malaysia for purchases of RM50 or more.


Who says grey needs to be dull?

1. Esprit floral blouse [AC1] SOLD
Look lazy-day ready in this short-sleeved button front blouse with a floral print and a belt that ties in the front. 100% cotton. UK size 10 but the fit is slightly narrow.

2.H&M top [AC2] SOLD
This short sleeved top with retro print has a scoop neckline and banded hem. 5% spandex 95% elastane. US size M.
3.Grey shift dress [AC3] SOLD
The dress’ classic shape means it could be a long player in your wardrobe. The hemlines hit just above the knee. We particularly love the pleated hem detail, which adds visual effect and oomph! to the dress. It has a concealed side zip fastening and is fully lined. Size S.
4.Morgan de Toi embellished cardigan [AC4] SOLD
Incorporate this shimmery button-front round-neck cardigan with elbow length sleeves with your more sober matte pieces for a bit of glitz (but minus the shine fest). Size M. 25% spandex 75% acrylic.
For item information or to purchase contact:

Free delivery to anywhere in Peninsula Malaysia for purchases of RM50 or more.

Countdown to the relaunch of the new and improved T³ website  has begun - Watch this space!!



Hello world!

‘Tis the time of year for setting new priorities, and between the vows to exercise and eat right, quit this and start that... We at T³ have been working hard to bring to you a revamped and ultra-fabulous site. As you can see, the site is still going through a makeover, so do check in regularly to see what we’re up to ya!

To quote the wise words of a trendy taitai friend, “fabulous is what fabulous does”!! We aim to make T³ your thrifty version of the “runway to real way”, inspired in part, by the current contents of our closets! T³ also contains our musings on issues we feel strongly about that we’d like to share with our readers. Just so you know, we’re not shallow, one-dimensional people with a single-minded fixation on fashion. We’ve got layers.

But we digress. What about fashion this New Year? We think that the wardrobe deserves some attention too. Fashion is an extension of who we are. It’s the first thing people see when they meet us, therefore judging us by whatever fashion dos and don’ts we might happen to have on. And there’s no better time like the present (a new year and a new decade) to think about what your fashion choices say about you.

Aaaahh ….. the perpetual quest of finding the perfect outfit, for every occassion, that says I'm-hip-and-gorgeous-without-even-trying…..

We’ve created a list of useful fashion resolutions that we’d like to share with you, so c’mon, take the plunge and join us for a stylish 2010!

1. Don’t Let the Trends Wear You.

You can be fashionable and trendy if you want to, but put your own unique twist and find your own signature look that your friends will see and say “that is soooo (insert your name here).”

2. Put In a Little More Effort.

We know we sound like your mother when we say it only takes 5 minutes to put yourself together and you never know who you are going to meet. But REALLY, it only takes 5 minutes to put yourself together and you never know who you are going to meet! We’re pretty sure you could recall the times you’ve ran into (gasp!) people from your past or important people that could be in your future and looked like a total wreck.

So, make a conscious effort this year to care about your appearance, because when you look good, you’ll feel good too, and you’d exude that feeling to others. And believe us, you, the cute guy at your regular mamak stall will not look away (in fear/disgust) anymore!

3. Sometimes Less is More.

The term “sexy” should not be taken too literally...Shirts cut so low in the front that you can practically see your belly button, skirts so short your Britney (read: crotch) is hanging out… it’s not pretty. Being sexy does not have to equal dressing in a vulgar manner. Rather than ensure a reputation for being alluring and well turned-out, you might instead embarrass your friends, draw curious stares and gasps from your fellow LRT riders, or worse, earn the dubious distinction of being the tart of the town. Ouch.

It’s not just about keeping up appearances with the latest fashions, people, it’s also about remembering to preserve your dignity while you’re at it. Let’s all take a moment and say the following out loud: sometimes less is more. Re-evaluate the look and signal you want to give off to the world - there is nothing wrong with being a little risqué at times, but do not leave good taste and decency at the door. You can dress sexy and be sexy without being too obvious about it!

4. Be a Savvy Shopper.

Resolution #4 is really an extension of resolution #3 albeit from a slightly different angle. A common misconception is that the more you have, the better. Such is not so with fashion, unfortunately. All too often as a result, our wardrobe is full of clothes that no longer fit, or suit us in the first place! We’ve all been there…and we beg you, persevere!

We quote a German proverb - “A poor person isn’t (s)he who has little, but (s)he who needs a lot.” As tempting as it is, we don’t need racks and racks of everything to look fabulous, but what we DO need is a staple of choice neutral pieces which can easily stand the test of fickle trends. It’s always a great idea to have in your closet a good pair of jeans, a nice pair of “go-with-everything” black heels, a cashmere sweater, pencil skirt, black pants etc.

For the most part, these wardrobe perennials are the most versatile anyway, hence can easily be made more interesting in infinite ways (refer to resolution #1). A well-cut shift dress, for example, is a piece smart enough for the office when teamed with pearls, and a cardi or tailored blazer. Lose the pearl-cardi combo, switch-up with of-the-moment accessories and fierce heels, and voila! you’re all transformed and glammed up for an evening out on the town.

In sum, invest in classic, quality pieces that will never fail you! You get our drift.

These resolutions shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish. We wonder what your fashion resolutions are? Tweet them to us!

That being said, getting your wardrobe ready to enter the next decade will get easier thanks to T³. Lucky for you, you get to access our closets and shop among an unparalleled (well, almost) selection of preloved dresses and separates from fashion’s hottest designer and high street labels, minus the heart-attack-inducing price tags, of course.

Read, reflect and repent – we know that many of you are just getting back from vacation, playing catchup or simply still recovering from the celebrations; so go ahead, treat yourself to some R&R and a little TLC – but don’t forget to check in here regularly because very very soon, T³ will reopen its (closet) doors!

Happy New Year!